Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Concertina Card

This month I participated in a challenge of a papercraft group on a social media network. The challenge is to make a concertina card or it is also known as accordion card. This month also a month when a very good friend of mine celebrated her birthday. I used the event to create a special card for her, A Concertina birthday card.

As it is a papercraft event, the rule is to use 75% paper as the material. I used a pink cardstock as the card base thta I folded in 3 sections. The front part of the card is layered with printed cardstock that I sew on the base, then I embellished it with my homemade embellishments which is the letter E and commercial ones. The second page is where I wrote my birthday wishes for her and the third page is a little paper pocket to put the birthday present. She loved this card so much that she put it on her table at the office :)

Hope this card can inspire all of you to create  special cards for your loved ones for their special occasions.

Thank you

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