Saturday, October 18, 2014

A rainy day project

Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
That is a rain mantra that a 4 year old taught me to stop rain. It is very cute, isn't it? :)
It was a rainy day the other day that gave an ugly look to the nature here in Claremont. I did not say the mantra to stop it, but decided to spend my afternoon by continuing my scrappy quilt instead.
The rain had a positive impact on me which helped me be productive and finish the second block of my 9 patch. I am pretty happy with the result except for one corner, the bottom right one. I believe it does not belong to the block. I am going to remove and replace it with the blueish dark green schemed one.
It is still a long way to finish it as a blanket, but I am pretty optimistic about it. Let's see ....

Thank you!


Monday, October 13, 2014

From crafting to sight seeing

This long weekend I have a lot to do and enjoy from crafting to sight seeing. Let me start from something that I really like, crafting. I have been wanting to make my own quilted blanket. The last 3 days in between house works, I have been busy cutting and assembling my 2.5" fabric cutouts. So far this is what I have done, 6 pieces of 9 patch.

Saturday afternoon, when the cloud broke out and the sun shared its warmth, we decided to go for a ride and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall in our area. We visited Woodstock and Quechee gorge in our neighboring state, Vermont. Beautiful sceneries were presented by nature along our ways to both places. Our first stop is Cabot store in Quechee.
This is one of my favorite stores to visit. One section of this store is antique and collectibles where vendors rent booths provided by the store.  I took pictures of some interesting items they sell there.

Thank you!!!