Friday, November 1, 2013

Felt Flower Decorated Clothe pin Magnet

On the previous post, I mentioned about clothe pin magnet I made for my kids at school. I am going to show you how to make them. This is a different version of the magnet. I mean, the magnet I am going to make here has different embellishment. It is a felt flower decorated clothe pin magnet. This is another easy project to make.

What you need are :
a clothe pin
acrylic paint (I used dark brown)
a magnet
a felt flower embellishment plus felt leaves
glue gun

Instruction :
Color the clothe pin with the acrylic paint. Let it dry, put a side.
Attach the magnet at the back of the clothe pin, then trim off the excess (usually the magnet is wider than the clothe pin, mine is).
Using the glue gun, attach the felt flower on the right side of the clothe pin
The magnet is ready! Didn't I tell you that this is an easy one???

This magnet has a double function, it can be used a decoration  and a message holder .

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Hany Von G. Soewito

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